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Here They Are!
Center Stage!

Ash is our Great Pyrenees/Anatolian livestock guardian dog. She's eight years old. She knows her job well and is teaching new 'pup' additions how to do it also. She is highlighted on Farm Bureaus website -- In celebration of our Farm & Ranch Dogs, Arizona Farm Bureau highlights your stories.

We keep a flock of laying hens for fresh eggs and a few mostly feral bantys for bug control.

Kitty and Baby are two tabbys who showed up one day. They were so tiny I feared for their survival. Now they are fat and healthy and great mousers. We can hardly tell them apart so I just holler "Kitty babies!" and they come running!

Kyo (pronounced like To-Kyo, the Japanese city) is a Japanese bobtail cat we inherited. He is the King of the house and watches everyone and everything. He tries so hard to keep an eye on Layla and keep her out of trouble, but what a job that is! He has the silkiest butterscotch fur.

Layla is my 4 year old "Evil baby". She is into everything, making us chase her around, then purrs in our ears like a lion. Such a sweet, EVIL baby. She keeps Kyo on his toes. He'll never get the chance to get fat -- he spends too much time chasing her around too!

Topper is our 'tuxedo' cat. He's quite the gentleman, but will nibble your toes if you don't pay attention. He likes to chase after the KittyBabies, but they don't play except with each other. So, Topper plays through the doorsill with Layla and Kyo.

Extras and Aborigines

At different times, we have had pigs, turkeys, geese, horses, different kinds of goats. You never know what you might find here!

We do have lots of wildlife including deer, pronghorn antelope, elk, bobcats, cougar, coyotes, porcupine, raccoons, crows, owls, hawks, eagles, ospreys, woodpeckers, roadrunners, hummingbirds and many types of colorful and songful birds. Some people have seen javelina, though I have not. There are always snakes, this is the desert after all. There always seem to be lizards. The cats love trying to catch them and occasionally do. I have seen plenty of feral dogs and cats and the inevitable range cattle.

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